Why has India’s Fresh fruit supply to Qatar increased suddenly

Why has India’s Fresh Fruit Supply to Qatar Increased Suddenly?

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Export of fruits and vegetables from India to Qatar has increased by 15% in the last few weeks. This was confirmed by a senior official of the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority in India (Apeda). Saudi Arabia, UAE , Egypt, Yemen and Bahrain imposed an economic blockade on Qatar on June 5, 2017. This has caused an increased demand of fruits and vegetables from other countries. Indian dealers have stepped up their efforts in the quest to meet the rising demand of fruits and vegetables.

Export of Fruits and Vegetables from India has seen a steady rise in the past three years owing to people turning quality conscious. Also, fresh vegetable exporters in India have improved their marketing strategies thereby becoming highly price competent in the overseas market.

According to a data by Apeda, in the financial year 2016-17 fruit export from India and vegetables from India was at Rs.10,369.93 crore compared to Rs.8,391.36 crore the previous year. A large quantity of fruits and vegetables exported to other countries also reaches Qatar. However, this year there is an expected rise in the export of fruits and vegetables from India as Doha has started importing directly from India.

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